When Will My Life Begin?

              My senior year of high school I decided that my “senior trip” was going to be to Disney World…yep you read that correctly. Instead of going to somewhere in Europe I wanted to be able to recreate some magic with my family at a place where we have gone to for wayyy to many family vacations.

              The first day of our trip we were on the bus from the Waldorf to Magic Kingdom, and the bus was playing a Disney movie I hadn’t seen before (Shocking, right?!) This girl with ridiculously long blonde hair popped up on the screen, running around with a frying pan wondering “when will my life begin?” As a high school senior who was in the middle of college applications and who had never even gone to camp before, this question resonated in a way that has stayed with me to this day (3 ½ years later).

              I have always loved Disney. I wanted to (and still do) be a Disney Princess, I believe in Happily Ever After, and I believe that when you go to a Disney Park, you experience real magic. There was something different about this senior year trip though. Maybe it was the fact that I was close to going away to college or already thinking about what my major should be, but I embraced this trip and my family more than I had in the past.

              The night after the first day I went back to the hotel and watched the full Tangled movie with my sister. After watching the whole thing I came up with some different life lessons. First, Flynn Ryder is by far the hottest Disney ‘prince’ I have ever seen, and I had to meet the ‘real life’ version of him. Second, I was Rapunzel. I mean I don’t have an evil mother who locked me in a tower, but instead had locked myself in a tower in my small suburban neighborhood in Dallas. Lastly, I needed to find my dream.

              Now we can fast forward a little bit. I am currently a junior in college, getting closer and closer to the terrifying moment where I graduate and then have to scrounge the streets for a job. After years of changing what I thought my dream was, I truly believe I have actually found it. Working for Disney. Yep, you got it, I picked the company with probably the most competitive job market. But, that’s the dream.

              My first semester of my junior year, I was going through a low point. A lot of weeding out of friends had happened, my life was changing from my year abroad, I did NOT want to be back in California, but the only thing that was keeping me plowing through was knowing that on any given Wednesday, I could grab my Disneyland Annual Pass and go to Disneyland to escape. The second I parked my car in the Mickey and Friends Lot, I suddenly forgot any problem, sadness, or drama going on in my life and just threw myself into the Happiest Place on the Earth.

              So, what’s a PR major with a math minor, hoping and praying that she gets involved in anything Disney related in a job field do? She blogs it. That’s correct, I am going to bite the bullet and do this whole “blog” thing, (as well as vlogs eventually) and take you on a magical journey, of my magical journey.

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