The Fears That Once Controlled Me

              I have three fears in life. Fear #1: Clowns. I feel like this one is self-explanatory…I mean, have you seen the trailer for the new “IT movie”? Fear #2: Cheese Graters. I honestly don’t think there is a therapy session long enough to go into why I am afraid of cheese graters, but there are some people who never let me live it down. (I’m looking at you Olivia and Emily…)

              Finally, Fear #3: Rollercoasters. Why am I afraid of rollercoasters? It probably has to do with my need for full control and therefore not liking the feeling of not being in control, but I personally like to chalk it up to the fact that Mrs. Cheryl Bradley LIED TO ME AS A CHILD WHEN I WENT ON SPACE MOUNTAIN. I told her that I didn’t want to go on a ride that had a drop in it because it made my stomach feel weird, to which she responded “Oh, it doesn’t.” Let me explain to you, for those who haven’t ridden it before, that the drop is the first thing that happened! Truly scarring my friends. Oddly enough, Splash Mountain has always been my favorite ride. Why? Because at a young age I was able to justify to myself that if I fell out of the log, it would be okay because I knew how to swim. Seriously don’t ask me but it made sense in my head.

Gaston and I circa 2013, talking about our equal need for attention and support.

             A question I get asked a lot as a person who loves going to the Disney Parks is, “How can you love going to Disney but hate rollercoasters? I mean you’re ____ years old, what do you do?” For me that was an easy answer, I meet characters and go on the dark rides. Now for those of you who don’t know what “dark rides” are, they are the rides like Haunted Mansion or Peter Pan’s Flight where you hop into a little car and spend the next five minutes of your life in air conditioning and experiencing some Disney magic.

              Now for characters. A lot of times there’s a stigma that only younger kids really enjoy and like meeting the princesses and, well, that’s just not true. Granted now, a lot of the time I would rather ride a ride than meet Cinderella for the 50th time, but let me tell you, if I see Rapunzel, Elsa, Flynn or Gaston ANYWHERE in the parks, I will beat out any kid who tries to stand in my way. It normally isn’t until after I leave the parks where I think, “hmm I just waited in line to meet a girl who is my age or younger.” But for some reason that is the effect of the park. At that moment, I’m not talking to a peer, I’m talking to a princess who is telling me all the different uses for a frying pan. And let me tell you, Gaston will be the best meet and greet you EVER go to. It is truly life changing…  

Getting taught how to efficiently hit someone with a frying pan. #justlifelessons

              Okay, so now I have some life changing news for your all. I have now officially ridden every roller coaster in the Disneyland Park. That is right, I was able to conquer a fear of not being in control and put myself right on “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness.” Now I want to say that I was able to get over (kind of, I’m not riding California Screamin’ any time soon) because I am brave and want to better myself. But if we’re being honest I started going on the rides because I started seeing children 1/4th of my height go on and I wanted to seem brave.

              But let’s say I still hadn’t ‘conquered’ this rollercoaster fear. I can still guarantee that I would have the #BestDayEver. That’s what is so good about Disney. No matter what your age, height, gender or whatever, there is something that is going to make everyone happy (and if not, you’re not doing Disney right). 


This is the moment where I peaked. I mean…look at it….

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