Superheroes, we all know them, we all love them. Some are pure good (Captain America), some are more of a chaotic good (Deadpool), but no matter what shape they come in we all have a superhero we favor. 

My favorite has always been Iron Man. He was the first superhero movie I ever saw, I definitely skipped over the first generation Spider-Man, but ultimately ignited my love genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropistfor all Marvel and D.C. Comic movies (although easily favoring Marvel). 

I don’t remember what it was, but after seeing Iron Man I wanted to be a superhero. I joke around that I will never reach my full potential because I’m not a superhero or a witch from Harry Potter. Even though Iron Man has his flaws (as do all superheroes), he still strived for good. 

Iron Man/Tony Stark strives to make the world a better place, as well as keeping his  pack safe, his biggest flaw however…himself. After the first Avengers movie, Tony Stark started to deteriorate…I mean the biggest part of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was Tony having his mind screwed with. He started suffering panic attacks, extreme anxiety, not sleeping, self-destruction…watching my favorite superhero go through things I have seen or experienced myself humanized him to no end. 

I was never a huge Spider-Man fan. Loved the comics, but the movies didn’t really do it for me, until “Homecoming” that is. Yes, I have a large love for Tom Holland BUT the movie showed me that while I’ve been striving to be “Iron Man” and prove myself to be that person who reaches these giant goals and dreams, I’ve been missing all the stuff more on my level. 

If you gave me some sort of Iron Man style suit right now, I would start shooting for the big leagues, doing the most I could to help people, but you know, “if you’re nothingtumblr_onlv7lU36f1rpf3pso6_r1_500 without the suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” And right now, if you gave me that power and then took it away, I would think I was nothing special. 

We all have a superpower, but they’re just not as big as we think. Some of us are good listeners, some give good advice, some are good party planners, some stand up for the little guy…we all have something that we can stand out and say “this makes me special”.

So for me, my superpower is my mind and my imagination, although like Tony Stark is my weakness as well. But I can dream up the biggest ideas in the world and find a way make it happen in real life. This makes me good at PR, and event planning, and writing. Give me Wanda’s powers from the Avengers and I can kick some butt…but take away the suit and I can plan a heck of a Disney event or wedding proposal. 

Something that I’ve been trying to do lately is writing down my biggest strengths. Not the stereotypical “I’m a hard worker”, but a strength that makes me a better person, and I think that that is something we should all do. Name your superpower, or if you can’t think of one ask someone what they think it is. This way, the next time something gets in your way and sends you to rock bottom, know that you don’t need a billion dollar suit or a giant hammer to save you, use YOUR superpower, and doesn’t that basically make us all Avengers? 

“We spend too much time bullying ourselves trying to be other things. Be who you are. Own it. It’s okay to give yourself some love once in a while. Be kind to yourself as you would be to a friend in need. ”                                                                                          ~Sebastian Stan

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