The Rescues and the Rescuers


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Sidi Blue

“The best therapist has fur and four legs.”

One of the number one questions I get asked working at a dog rescue is “How many dogs do you have?” My answer to that, is 8. Ironically, none of them are truly ‘mine’ (which you would think working at a dog rescue I’d have at least one). But my ‘surrogate dogs’ are:

  • Sidi: A 3-year-old Woodle who lives at home in Dallas
  • Sully: My family’s foster failure
  • Duke: A Doxen/lab mix for the family that I have nannied for/been a part of for years
  • Duchess: Dukes sister
  • Lulu: The same family’s chocolate lab
  • Roo: My god-dog
  • Rey: The dog that got away
  • Monroe: The dog that taught me how important they are

I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life, my family has two dogs and I love them with my whole heart, however if we’re being honest…they are my mom’s dogs.

Duke and Lulu are two of the three dogs that are a part of the family I nanny for. I consider them “my” dogs because whenever I spend time with them, I’m always cuddling with them and their sister Duchess. Like a pack, the three of them were always on my heels.

blog 2
Baby Rey

I call Duchess my dragon (get it, like from Game of Thrones). She is my right hand. Whenever I’m nannying, she follows me around waiting for me to pick her up or put her in my lap. If I could pick the perfect dog for me, it would be her.

Roo is my god-dog of two of my best friends who I have helped watch since they got her. She is a rescue dog that shows how much love they have to give you.

Rey, was the dog that got away. When I can home this summer, we fostered her and I fell completely in love with her. I took one look in her eyes and that was it, I was sold. Unfortunately, I do not have the space or time (curse you school) for the size of dog she would get to. That doesn’t stop my regrets from letting her get adopted by other people, even though they are family friends.

Last is Monroe. Monroe was a Wheaten Terrier who came in to Vanderpump Dogs when I least expected it. Just like Rey, it was love at first sight. Monroe got adopted to an amazing family, but before she went I got to foster her for a few days…giving her to them was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But during that time, she taught me that not only was I ready for a dog, but that it was one of the best things in my life.

blog 3
Monroe (now living with Lisa Vanderpump and named Binky)

As someone who suffers from anxiety, dogs have a calming effect. They help put things in perspective. They help you know you are loved. They help you breathe. While they can’t take all the pain and stress away, they can stand by your side faithfully while you climb the mountains and valleys in your life.

While I don’t have an official dog of my own yet (cough cough Holly), I have surrogates. They are rescues that taught me an incredible amount of love that cannot be measured. And while I’m here letting them outside, taking them on walks, feeding them…they’re helping me keep stay grounded, and letting me breathe. Which begs the question: Who rescued who?

blog 4
Check out Sully’s transformation!

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